Pepsi 'the dog' Fishman

Joined our family: Monday, December 29, 2008

Ryan finally got a dog! He's been waiting for one since he was four years old. Finally we found a perfect compromise between what Annie and the kids wanted (a tiny dog) and what Rick wanted (a medium-sized dog).

We got Pepsi (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) from a breeder in Ocala, Florida. He was fourteen months old when we got him so he is pretty-much full grown. He is 25 pounds. He's a GREAT dog... never barks, loves kids and adults and all dogs. He's a very loving and gentle dog but also loves to play. He finishes out the Fishman family very nicely.

Pepsi Pictures

First picture of our new dog Pepsi (1/4/2009)
First picture of our new dog Pepsi
Matthew with Pepsi (1/5/2009)
Matthew with Pepsi
Ryan with Pepsi (1/5/2009)
Ryan with Pepsi

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